Learning how to use a jack


Author: h2professional

Professor John Frala MAED, Rio Hondo College Advanced Transportation Technologies and Energy. John Frala holds a Masters Degrees in Adult Education, and Masters Degree in Distance Learning, Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Administration. A.S. degree in Studio Production. Master ASE in Automobile, Truck, Transit Bus, and School bus. Experience in alternative fuels comes from John’s 47 years in the transportation industry ranging from “gasohol” to the new term E85, CNG, LNG, Hydrogen, Hybrid electronic power sources, Plug-in Electric vehicles, and Bio fuel construction. Bio fuel includes Jutropa, and algae growth as a vehicle fuel source. CSA/TSI trained and certificated in High pressure fuel tank instructor education. Certified on Hydrogen Fuels. Co-author of the SCAQMD Compressed Fuel tank management course. Currently on the Society of Automotive Engineer’s Hybrid 1st and 2nd responder’s standards committee, (SAE J2990-1). Executive Trustee for the Automotive Service Council Foundation, a coalition of 1600 independently owned service centers in the state of California. Author and instructor of First Responder Training for Los Angeles County Firemen’s Association. He has had articles published in USA TODAY, Butane Propane news and other news papers. His public lectures include a Gallery Talk at the Petersen Automotive Museum, NAFTC National Odyssey events, SCAQMD, Southern California Association of Governments, California Contract Cities Association, The Auto Channel, and many more. Education advisor to the MEMA group consisting of 900 city and governmental fleets across the U.S. The Alternative Fuels Technology program at Rio Hondo College has won many awards and received recognition from the State of California Community College Association for Occupational Education (CCCAOE), including the Statewide Honor for Exemplary Automotive Technology Program. 2011 Award from the Green California Community Colleges Leadership as Instructor of the year. 2011 Workforce Investment Board Partnership of the year. 2011 nominee for State of California Senate Outstanding Instructor and awarded the Outstanding 2012 College instructor from the California Automotive Teachers Association. John Frala served on the California Academic Senate for 15years and participated in Sacramento as a member of the Occupational Education Executive Committee and has been working with the Department of Education in Sacramento on a project to bring better funding to vocational programs at the high school and community college levels. John also is active at Rio Hondo College serving as the Colleges Academic Senate representative reporting education changes to the campus, and on the Rio Hondo College accreditation committee as a co-chair on Standards I, II & III of the ACCJC committees. 2015 Was granted the first NSF/ATE Technicians program Preparing Students for Advances in Transportation that Utilize Alternative Energy Sources. 2016 instated the first Hybrid/Electric Vehicle/Fuel Cell Technology AS degree program in California.

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